PNA spokeswoman Magdalena Kaszulanis, the relationship continues to gather information; next week will publish data from all 16 provinces.

Taken together with them emocjonowali is only that you have to write the best exam – called. Read more See which schools will be teachers’ strike [INTERACTIVE MAP] Broniarz: Whether it comes to strike, depends entirely on the Minister Zalewski – Whether it comes to strike and how it will be conducted, depends only on the Minister of National Education Anna Zalewski – said on Friday the head of the PNA Slawomir Broniarz.Broniarz met with journalists at a press conference held at the headquarters of the PNA in Warsaw. He noted that the PNA announced the date 35 days before the strike deadline. – If the minister says, “come to your senses,” I this appeal treat as an appeal to my colleagues in the government: the Minister of Finance to the Prime Minister for Law and Justice deputies to come to their senses and will not lead to a situation where the crowd of several hundred April 8 thousand teachers refuse to work, joining a strike involving the complete abstaining from work – said the head of ZNP.Zdaniem Broniarz, Zalewska 18 days did not respond to the demands of the teaching profession. – By this time there were no proposals MEN outside tales Minister, what has been done, the extent to which the minister has fulfilled the demands of unions – he said. In his opinion, they were not met any postulat.- We believe that this kind of behavior, this kind of attitude and such appeals are of a rather counterproductive – at the most irritating environment at most show arrogance and disregard for the teaching profession – he added stwierdził.Broniarz that teachers “were, they are and will be the students.” – No teacher ever will not leave his disciple. We want to make you teachers, which pays you in your hard work, they also had the right and proper cover gratification of you as the minister of national education – he said.

He stressed that the PNA Ministry of Education expects to present on Monday solutions that zażegnają konflikt.Jak said Minister of National Education, “says an untruth.” – A story about the teacher got a raise of the order of 800 zł message is false. It only irritates teaching environment – rated Broniarz.- From the very beginning we said that even after the January increase wages teacher starting his career (…), this will be the first salary amounted to 1834 zł. Intern earn enough (…). The teacher with the highest degree of professional advancement, or certified teacher, gets on hand in 2492 zł. So, the increase ranged from 83 to 115 zł – wyjaśnił.Według Broniarz, the Central Examination Board is responsible for the proper conduct of examinations.

Therefore – as reserved – you can not shift responsibility to the teachers. – We would also note that an attempt to circumvent this problem by hiring school teachers from school X Y does not have any legal basis. And in this case also we inform the National Labor Inspectorate (…). For ad-hoc lady trying to violate labor law – he said Broniarz.Jak pointed out, these are proposals that express all three central trade unions. – If that does not happen, inevitably term exams is unfortunately seriously threatened, so that a resolution of the board of the main talking about indefinite strike – said Broniarz. According to his knowledge in 85-90 percent of teachers commented the referendum date for the strike from April 8th. – That means half a million teachers – stressed the head of ZNP.Jak added, “Today the ball is on the side of the minister Anna Zalewska”. – It’s from her and only her, and actually from the government, to decide. The Minister Zalewska must be fully aware of this. We will not let them tell you that we are responsible for it.

PNA nor Forum (Trade Unions – PAP), or> Solidarity >>

Such an assumption set themselves scientists from Lublin, when I sat down to design a new type of prosthesis for the middle ear. Not only would it have all the features of existing solutions, but also have the additional unique feature: the ability to modify already during surgery and after surgery, without the need to exchange – in case if it turns out that something is not right. – Today, if the prosthesis does not work as it should, the patient has no choice – it must return to the operating table and the procedure must be repeated. This obviously generates additional costs, time consuming, but primarily causes enormous discomfort. Our aim was to reduce it to a minimum – says Krzysztof Kozik, PhD student at the Technical University Lubelskiej.Obecnie middle ear prostheses are made of titanium alloys. This method has been used in surgery for decades. Prostheses – as opposed to implants – are used to this, to take over the function of damaged ossicles, the hammer, anvil and stirrup in a situation where the remainder of the hearing aid work (or eardrum, snail and nerves connected to them). Read more from the sugar (do not) you are [EUREKA!

DGP] The Lublin, however, scientists knew that the standard titanium alloys will not be able to fulfill their basic assumptions, i.e., modifying the dimensions and shape of the prosthesis. To this end, they decided to reach for abnormal stop two metals (nickel-titanium), known as nitinol. It has unique properties. First, memory, and so the deformation is able to return to their original company. If a change occurred, however, above a certain threshold temperature, the material changes its shape permanently. This way you can modify some of its geometric parameters. It is this latter property attracted scientists from Lublin: thought that once placed in your ear prosthesis should treat external heat source to force him small change, and thus a better fit to the middle ear.

Part prosthesis implantation operation ends because sometimes fail for the sake of improper fit, which prevents them from performing their normal funkcji.Nitinol discovered in 1959. William Buehler and Frederick Wang, laboratory workers dealing with the US Navy in the development of new types of ammunition. Buehler was looking for material suitable for the construction of vertices missiles, which during the flight must withstand enormous stresses. Alloy of nickel and titanium proved to be a promising candidate, until by chance one of the scientists applied the heat to him – and then distorted the metal back to its previous shape. In the midst of the Cold War, the miraculous properties of the material aroused considerable interest on the part of the army. Unfortunately, nitinol proved to be more difficult in application than originally suspected. Critical to maintaining the quality of the alloy properties are unknown and undesired impurities that may get into the interior of the alloy during processing.

Unfortunately, one of the metals in the alloy – titanium – is highly reactive, which was giving metallurgists working with this material a headache. Ready alloy is also extremely difficult to obróbce.Przed also faced such problems, scientists from Lublin. – Nitinol is a material hardly workable by cutting or sculpting the desired shape from a piece of metal. Can be processed only for extrusion processes, hammering, drawing or extrusion, which makes it difficult to obtain the desired shape of the prosthesis – explains Kožík. When, however, manage to solve them, they will have in hand a potentially breakthrough. If such an implant will require postoperative intervention, it is a slight modification would be enough to heat the point of the implant (eg. Laser) .Wynalazek was created by combining the forces of two of Lublin universities: University of Technology and the Medical University.

With this first work on the invention involved, in addition to Kozik, prof. Jerzy Warminski, prof. Krzysztof Kecik and PhD. Rafał Rusinek. From the other – Assoc. Marcin Szymański.Co interesting, not only in Poland in Lublin scientists are working on new types of prostheses for the middle ear. Last year, in Krakow, doctors implanted the first patient model developed by researchers at the University of Science and Technology.

In this case, the innovation was to provide denture bactericidal properties. Researchers have achieved this goal by coverage of the metal from which the device is manufactured, silver particles, or nanoparticles. Eureka! DGPTrwa fifth edition of the “Eureka! DGP – Polish discover inventions “, to which we invited Polish universities, research institutes and research units of Sciences. 15 June Magazine DGP will describe inventions nominated by our editorial staff for the main award, chosen from 78 submitted by universities and instytuty.Rozstrzygnięcie competition will be at the end of June. The prize is 30 thousand. zł for the team that worked on the winning invention, funded by the Patron of the Polish Science – Polpharma company, and the promotional campaign for college or institute of 50 thousand. zł in the media Infor Business (publisher of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna), sponsored by the organizer.

Read more The head of the Ministry will meet with Karolina and Tomasz Elbanowskimi. “It’s a symbol of” counter-revolution government of Law and Justice in the school kitchen. They’ll be back salt and sugar reading and writing in kindergarten, reducing the number of pupils in classes of 25 to 24, patriotic education, the return of mathematical sets, the introduction of learning to play fleciku Polish and philosophy rather than ethics – are the most important changes that the association proposes Ombudsman parents. The new education minister did not rule out that the benefit of the association prepared by the core curriculum for kindergarten and grades III.Minister-Zalewska Anna today invited Caroline and Thomas Elbanowskich a meeting at the Ministry. After that, they occur at a joint press conference. Elbanowscy want to base by related experts was one of the topics discussed.

The minister, in turn, declares in an interview with the DGP that eager to look at the documents. Past practice shows that educational lobbying Elbanowskich Justice is very skuteczny.Nieoficjalnie know that the party wanted the marriage appeared on the program of the conference, which was organized in the summer. To visit did not happen, for it, even as the president-elect met with them, Andrzej Duda. At least a few of their ideas have been used in the policy statement Prime Minister Beata Awl. In this most important postulate, that raising the age for starting school.

The head of the government placed it in the plan for the first 100 days of government. She also said the liquidation gymnasiums, retreat from the test system in schools and “a strong sense of national identity and patriotism” .After elections, PiS politicians – as reported – also used a different idea has already taken the core curriculum: return to teaching in kindergartens letters. The base must be changed – admits vice-president of the parliamentary commission of education Marzena Machałek (PiS). Along with the shift to six-year olds from schools kindergartens learning reading and writing will be transferred to preschools. – This means that the children in the classroom can not learn from the beginning of the letters – says Machałek. WyglądZnika provision obliging the students to care about appearance. The entry for compliance with the dress code students in the school, resigned from the expression on taking care of neat appearance – the authors write law amending the law on education.

Reason? Change was reported in connection with this issue by students, parents and teachers concerns regarding the scope of the term “neat” as a widely understood and imprecise. Mobile phone in szkoleCzy students may or may not have a phone at school – decide about the school authorities. But – and this is the main change – it’s the law will prescribe: the student must hear this. “Was made more precise provision on the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices at school. Recognizing that the issue of school take very different solutions ranging from regulation of talking about nieprzynoszeniu such devices beyond the deadlines, and ending with the unlimited possibilities of using them outside the classroom educational and during breaks, introduced a provision which obliges students to bring compliance with the conditions and the use of phones and other electronic devices “- the authors explain the new rules. Justification by 18-year-old student can justify his absence from school.

Theoretically, some schools are now recognized. However, not all. Provision for them to justifying absence from the educational activities expanded to include provision for determining the form of the statute to justify absences by adults. No such regulation meant that schools often do not recognize in this respect the rights of students to an adult – the authors explain the bill. Read more critical of modern education reform: This is the program plus chaos We are dealing with a great loss of work, we have to deal with a great deception on the part of the minister Zalewska, so we turn, and to the Minister Zalewska informed us honestly: how many teachers will lose their jobs (the reform), how many teachers will not be renewed job, how many teachers will be sent to retire when they reach retirement age, and how many part-time teachers will lose and will have to live only part of your salary? – he stressed at Monday’s press conference in the Parliament Lubnauer.

She added that the PNA collects information on how many teachers will lose their jobs in connection with the new education reform. – We are informed of this, we said that this is a lie, which she used Zalewska minister, who had warned that no one will lose jobs, and indeed there will be new posts – noted Lubnauer. We deal with redundancies and the loss of part-time and the fact that many teachers to have a one-time will have to walk a few schools will have to work in several locations. We will have to deal with the “flying” teachers – ironically MP. Read more reform, however, will cut teachers. “This is what we already know, gives the lie to claims Minister Zalewska” According to her also many students lose their teachers, “who nervously looking for work leave their jobs in secondary schools, because they know that they will be phased out in 2019 years and looking for work in other centers” . This is all the result of education reform. We have warned that the effects of such a reform on education. The Minister Zalewska then we did not listen, did not treat us seriously.

At the moment we expect from her serious honest answer as many teachers will lose their jobs – noted Lubnauer. 8.9 thousand. teachers will lose their jobs from 1 September in connection with the reform of education, and 21.7 thousand. It will not have a full-time – according to data compiled by the Association of Polish Teachers in 14 provinces, provided the PAP on Wednesday. According to the PNA, among the 8933 teachers who lose their jobs, 4872 are those that have received exemptions and 4061 are those which did not renew the contract. PNA spokeswoman Magdalena Kaszulanis, the relationship continues to gather information; next week will publish data from all 16 provinces.

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